I gave myself to you,
a communion on a blanket of ghosts
beneath the glowing heavens,
felt the cool promise of hope
in Mother Earth beneath my back,
you, the gravity, 
holding me in my place 

within your embrace, 
I forgot all about the stars, 
my universe the space surrounding 
you and I

and as our two hearts
beat the same rhythm, 
I wished you knew
they both belonged to you

-image via alfa-img.com



she’s got this vibe goin’ on, 
wearin’ this long,
snow white boho skirt,
flowin’ ‘round her calves, 
her gray colored tank shirt 
showin’ off the subtle up-curve 
of her collarbone, 
and that place where the  
skin dips just above, 
beggin’ to be kissed, 
her graceful feet slid into 
easy Birkenstocks, 
dainty toes glitterin’ a 
a cotton candy pink 

she has this glowin’ auburn hair
I wanna run my fingers through, 
cascadin’ in waves 
’round her soft shoulders 

her beauty is effortless, 

but it’s her smile that gets me, 
the way her eyes light up 
and her nose crinkles just so, 
that tiny dimple on the left side 
where her smile is slightly wider, 
like she knows somethin’ I don’t, 
but I want to 

oh God, I wanna to know it all 

she’s an earth goddess, 
and she’s gonna rule my world 

-image credit Pinterest