Save It

save it,
I’ve heard it all before

no need to back pedal,
or think so quickly on your toes,
trying to explainit all away with excuses
and beefy rationalizations

don’t you dare twist and pull
and try to point that poison
back at me

it’s not me,
it’s you

own it,
or walk away

because if you don’t,
I will

~image credit Pinterest, source unknown



I’m not the most book-smart gal,
and I process rather slow

no formal education taught me
the things my heart knows

no golden plaque on the wall
could measure how my spirit grows

and no fancy dress or bank account 
could replace my love that freely flows

I’m just a girl who pays attention,
who shows up when others go

who listens and loves all of you,
who in tough times helps you tow

who isn’t embarrased to share deeply,
to let down barriers and overflow

and, I need that kind of friend, too,
whose love isn’t afraid to show

who understands that the only way
to be truly loved, is to be known 

-image via Pixabay

White Noise

beside me races the brawny river,
Mother Earth’s lifeline cascading from snowy peaks and forcing its winding path
down, down, down,
it’s miracle reaching through the circle of all living things

rippling and licking at the pure mountain air,
it opens and closes its sunlit doors
as it folds and rolls over itself,
kneading and knotting the collective thread of the life it feeds, 
past, present, and future into one connectedness,
while projecting its time-ridiculing ROAR

I feel in my bones,
the reverberation of its irony –

fast, fast, fast,
it flows,
it’s commanding voice reminding me to
slow, slow, slow,
to listen

for we all end up back where we began
if we only
follow, follow, follow

our spirits are ROARING,
the lifelines feeding our souls, 
forging our winding paths,
speaking to us with powerfully pure voices,
ones which are not ever meant to become 
white noise

-image is mine; poem dedicated to my mountain friend; shared as part of dVerse’s open link night


there’s a place where there is no sound
where breathing doesn’t exist
and awe is all that courses veins
where nothing unearthly is missed

there’s a place where past collides
with future on prodigious scale
where something larger than ourselves
infiltrates the heart, the holy grail

there’s a place where the soul is still
where oneness with all is felt
and reverence for life and love a’blooms
where once cold has dwelt

oh, Rocky Mountains, high
thank you for gifting my soul
for calling to my dearest friend
who helps to make my heart whole

I’ll miss you both

-photo is mine


perhaps solitude is my destiny

being alone isn’t easy
but diving through my own sea
trying to understand the waves
often makes more sense than
asking anyone else
to grab diving gear

and I’m not a surfer

~image credit

I Am Not

I am not the deleted name,
waiting for me to message first

I am not the number you call
when all other’s haven’t answered

I am not the false nicety,
sparing my feelings

I am not the false compliment,
keeping me coming back for more

I am not 3am,
when the other’s don’t want to be bothered

I am not the one who will stand idly by
while you speak of others behind their backs

I am not the place
where your deflections stick

I will not be reduced
to hand-me-down quality conversation

I am not the friend who will constantly wonder what I did wrong,
asking myself why you don’t want to know me

I am not that friend

Who Are You?

Who are you?
With your plaster smile
That laughs too loudly
And fades away to hollow

Who are you?
With those deep set eyes
That tell a much different story
Every time I see them

Who are you?
With your slashing words
From behind your scrupulous wall
Oozing bitterness

Who are you?
Where did you go?

Or maybe I never really knew you at all

-image via

Too Short

Life is too short
For talk about the weather
Let’s share deeply together
And laugh till we snort

Life is too short
To pretend we don’t feel
Let’s dive deep and peel
All the layers, transport

Life is too short
For stubbornness and shame
Let’s throw out the blame
Through the blackness we’ll sort

Life is too short
For small talk and pretend
Be vulnerable, my friend
Offer your whole heart

-image via college


In my chest, my heart is warming
And my spirit is nudging me

I recognize this language you speak
The same truth that sets me free

It feels as though we were meant to meet
To keep one another company 

Come and sit, let’s talk a while
Become fluent, and just be

-image via Pixabay