Pay Attention

she was always coming or going, 
life and love at light speed,
until she became only
the coming and the going,
until the going became imminent,
a glimpse of ‘what if’,
prying wide her eyes,
forcing her to see that
her feet were rooted in the moment,
which was fleeting

best pay attention

-image via Pixabay 


time was the cold, bone-crunching cement 
beneath her feet;
each ticking minute cruel,
and every passing hour punishing 

for, all around her, 
in every moment of awareness, 
were time’s stealthy hands

without warning, they would grip her,
wringing her out in fiery fists,
an icy vacancy on its ceaseless face 
as they squeezed and knotted,
yet, allowed her to live

it occurred to her each time –

what great malice there can be,
in allowing something to live

-image via Pixabay; inspired by a recent read

Time Passing

it’s been over 14 years,
of chasing my tail ‘round and ‘round,
simultaneously bored out of my mind,
and saturated with touch and sound

5,177 days
of being lonely but never alone,
of being physically and emotionally drained, 
while my brain atrophied, shriveled to none

124,248 hours,
full of ideas and personal revelation,
so many things I’ve needed to say,
but no one with which to have conversation

7,454,880 minutes,
of creative thoughts popping into my head,
but never enough time to write them, 
to see where they may have lead

447,292,800 seconds 
wondering if I’ve wasted too much time,
worrying about the little things, 
instead of experiencing joy in this heart of mine

-image via Pixabay

Time, Won’t You?

although my eyes remain dutifully closed,
sleep continues to elude me,
real time painfully passing slowly by,
as if it has no place else to go,
the lengthy lapse between
each taunting tick and every mocking tock,
seemingly infinite

yet, behind my labored lids,
time whips and cracks in jumbles of lightning,
flashing in hot, ragged waves of ‘what if’s’,
thumping to the thunder of desperate wishes,
grasping at tomorrow as if today didn’t count,
as if right now isn’t enough,
and yesterday didn’t lay a solid foundation

time, steady for me, won’t you?

allow me to feel it all,
pause a moment,
allow me to find my grounding

hold my hand while I traverse,
as I recognize and close the gaps,
as I find perspective

won’t you allow me to sink into it all?

allow me drift off to sleep?

-image credit; old poem reworked and shared in response to DVerse Poets Pub prompt, timing


today was the end of the beginning,
and tomorrow will be the beginning
of the end that never begins

for, history spins on a turntable, 
needle following grooves, 
and time’s tone arm stuck on repeat,

time seems to bind us
in redundancy

-image via Pixabay