I write. I’m no professional, I’m not published, aside from a few poems, and I don’t write for money or fame. I write because I must. 

In my younger years I wrote. I feel like I’d only just begun to exercise that passion when life expected me to become, and I let it. A college student, career woman, wife, mother, small business owner, friend, neighbor. And on. For years I didn’t pick up a pen. I was too busy becoming what I thought I should become. My heart was overflowing – it was breathing and I wasn’t listening. 

About four years ago, I began the process of unbecoming, of shedding the layers of expectation. Of getting lost so I could be found, of asking the right questions so I could find comfort in the being lost. Of just being me.

I began to listen to my heart. I picked up my pen, and unbecame a poet. 

I’m inviting you to listen, too. 

Angela Kay 💜