life has lead me through experience
to thought,
and thought to action,
through action to trial and error,
on a path back through words,
to love,
and creation

it’s been the most amazing,
eye-opening, and soul-baring ride

and this life keeps leading me back to words,
to love,
and a call to action –
a call to being

but, oddly enough,
that call to being is, at times,
at odds with words,
with time itself

and I can’t quite find my place to be

-image via Pinterest



life inevitably serves us challenging circumstances,
and sometimes we allow ourselves to be defined by what happens to us

we cope in very different ways –
some of us restlessly run from the shadows of the past,
while others cling on to things that anchor them to safety

but what we all find, I think,
is that time can grind anything into a kind of new normalcy

-image via Pinterest

Ask the Dusk

slowly, sun begins to set,
twilight’s colors igniting the sky

light warily fading beneath horizon,
not quite ready for goodbye

patiently, I wait, for stars to shine,
illuminating hungry eyes

as dark descends in silky silence,
waking mortal souls once shy

where, lying bare, to moon and you,
I ask dusk to help me fly

-image via Pinterest


I long to be there,
where the world is not held together by nails and lumber and glass,
where there are no neon signs blinking, no never-ending tracks and metal systems stuck on repeat,
where there are no glowing devices beckoning,
and narrating every move

I long to be there,
where the treetops dance and hum a whispered concerto,
where wildlife is welcome to be wild,
clicking and crackling and chirping as they share their habitat,
where shades of gold, russet, and sage color the earth,
multiplying and transforming beneath my fingertips and before my eyes

I long to be there,
where the shoreline is speckled with cattails and reeds rustling in the breeze,
where wind-rippled waters reflect the lazy streaks of sun-bleached clouds above,
where the smell of damp earth at the break of dawn is better than anything Starbucks serves

I long to be there,
where the whole world opens up,
bright and clear,
where land and sky and water bleed into one another,
soaking each other,
where they mix and mingle until it’s hard to know which is which

I long to be there,
where the forest always welcomes,
the sky never ends,
and the water always begins

I long for there
to be out my back door

-image is mine

Marry Me

speak to me in dragon’s tongue,
in silk fingertip,
and breathless grip,
claim me, show me I’m the one

listen to me with thirsty ears,
with eager de Sade,
and lightning rod,
pushing boundaries, facing fears

speak to me in action alone,
narrowing all distance,
diminishing resistance,
the only sound our primal moans

listen to me shout your name,
in arches and cries,
and quivering thighs,
an eternal, fiery flame

marry me in spirit and soul,
intersecting hearts,
one sum of all parts,
enhancing strengths to make us whole

-image via Tumblr, originalsourceunknown

Can’t Believe

I can’t believe the way
she stiffened in his arms
gripped with yesterday’s regret
unable to let go

I can’t believe the way
she noticed small mistakes
wanting him to read her mind
unwilling to communicate

I can’t believe the way
she built those walls so tall
need for him tucked away
a weakness to let it show

I can’t believe the way
she yearned for his soft touch
lying silently on her pillow
afraid to let him know

I can’t believe the way
she knew for all those years
the woman in the mirror
could be happy if she chose

I can’t believe the way
that feels so long ago

Write Me

write me in lead,
verse in unending lines,
in loops and curves,
without any rhyme

write me in sonnet,
without any words,
in fingertips, buoyant,
like the wings of birds

write me in symphony,
with only your eyes;
be the conductor,
between willing thighs

write me in love song,
with fists gripping tresses,
in fevered gasps and moans,
and sheets left in messes

write me in lead, Dear,
a powerful refrain,
then, erase me, My Love,
and do it again

-image found on Tumblr, source unknown


she had always felt different,
scalene in a world of equilateral

no matter how close she got,
there was always distance,
a gap unable to be filled,
an aloneness that permeated every relationship,
leaving her empty

and that emptiness was a bullet
she could never dislodge

-art by Maryam Savoji via Pinterest


behind her clenched eyelids,
with arched back and tilted head,
in labored gasps and moans,
she’s immersed, being lead,
the blackness no longer black,
and the sheets no longer thread

she is transformed into fluid,
a rippling depth of dark and light,
please stop and please more,
seemingly at odds, but not quite,
he the maestro of the current,
in their duality, they ignite

skillfully she’s driven,
to her edge and back again,
as the moon pulls the tide,
and the tide pulls the sand,
where want turns to need,
and need begs with fisted hands

until his words open the dam,
and breaking waves over her flood,
in the surge of their tide,
and swell of their love,
his control and her surrender;
equilibrium, they’re whole

-image via Pinterest


for years,
your body desperately searched for me,
flesh and muscle foraging with hope,
your essence offered, liquid gold,
and I drank you in like nectar,
my sun-bleached bones seeking sustenance

I’d been so very parched,
and your touch was a welcomed storm,
but, at some point,
I realized it wasn’t enough

my thirst could not be quenched –
you offered yourself with touch,
but you could not find me inside my body

that’s not where I live

-image via Tumblr