Time, Won’t You?

although my eyes remain dutifully closed,
sleep continues to elude me,
real time painfully passing slowly by,
as if it has no place else to go,
the lengthy lapse between
each taunting tick and every mocking tock,
seemingly infinite

yet, behind my labored lids,
time whips and cracks in jumbles of lightning,
flashing in hot, ragged waves of ‘what if’s’,
thumping to the thunder of desperate wishes,
grasping at tomorrow as if today didn’t count,
as if right now isn’t enough,
and yesterday didn’t lay a solid foundation

time, steady for me, won’t you?

allow me to feel it all,
pause a moment,
allow me to find my grounding

hold my hand while I traverse,
as I recognize and close the gaps,
as I find perspective

won’t you allow me to sink into it all?

allow me drift off to sleep?

-image credit http://positivepsychologynews.com; old poem reworked and shared in response to DVerse Poets Pub prompt, timing

Into Tomorrow

in the orange glow of the setting sun,
through the dusty shade of cells
flap, flapping against the marble pane,
I am the breeze,
deeply inhaled and exhaled,
as cool sheets claim fiery thoughts,
so that hopes may dance,
and wishes find their way,
into tomorrow

-image via Pixabay