More Than Skin Deep

she wears her heart on her sleeve,
even when she tries not to –
her hurt carved into her young flesh,
and her happy shimmering like sparklers
in her deep green eyes

she listens and observes;
she absorbs

she knows things,
even when she doesn't want to know

she overflows,
because she feels more than
what will ever fit inside
the boundaries of her skin

she yearns to forgive,
and love herself

she wants to know you,
she wants to know how you love

she is a girl who teaches the world
what beautiful is

-image via Pixabay


Hope’s Garden

she spent years pushing away
the things she wanted more than anything;
wanting them too much scared
the hell out of her,
because sometimes people lose themselves
in wanting too much, 
at least, that's what she thought, 
that's what she'd learned

but the only way to know, 
the only way to find out, was to leap,
to want something so badly,
it nearly made her crack with hope,
to risk,
to grab on with both hands,
plant it in the center of her heart 
and see if it blooms

so, she planted,
and planted 

she found out that she didn't lose herself
in the wanting, not at all;
she found herself in the hope

for, in hope, was her truth

-image via Pixabay

Would You?

If I were just a’floating by,
A dandelion seed on the breeze,
I wonder, if I tickled your nose,
Would you even recognize?

If I were trapped in an hourglass,
A grain of sand waiting to pass,
I wonder, would I be significant,
Would you make the second last?

If I were but a tiny minnow,
In a sea of glittery scales,
I wonder, would you still see me,
Would you see beyond the veils?

If I were but an ordinary girl,
In a world of Barbie dolls,
I wonder, would you still want me,
Would I be for whom you’d fall?

For, I am but a humble seed, 
A grain of sand amidst the heap,
A minnow apart from the school,
An ordinary girl whose love is soul deep

-image via Pixabay