I awoke as if beckoned,
pulled by some cosmic string out the door
and into the fresh, sea air

my sleepy eyes struggled to focus,
but when they did,
I was mesmerized

for, sometime as I slept,
something magical had happened –
night had become as smooth as a mirror,
the entire canopy of stars shining with ebullience above,
casting a perfect reflection across the surface of the water

it looked as though there were now two heavens, one above and one below,
nothing but a sliver of silver-blue separating them

‘where do I stand?,’ I wondered,
night’s silence and purity louder than any waves I'd ever heard,
its stillness heavy with presence,
holding in the warmth of its palm something I needed to know

I listened, but no words were heard,
there was only the stillness,
but in that stillness, there was a luminescence from within,
one just a bright as the sacred, mirrored stars, its tentacles reaching from one excitation to the next, energy to energy,
reaching out to commune,
to converge

it was as though all the most disparate elements of my biography were at last knitting together,
all that I have loved and known in this world stitching themselves up,
forming a never-ending tapestry of constellation,
becoming one thing

I felt alive,
more alive than I’ve ever felt,
more awake,
my mind and heart humbly able to function at the uppermost limits of their capacities,
seeing and understanding everything,
as though watching it all from the highest imaginable ridge

except, there I was,
mere mortal,
standing not upon a ridge,
but somewhere inside the sliver of silver-blue

content with whatever the heavens had planned

-image via Pinterest, source unknown

Never End

she sat on the couch, 
the smell of freshly popped popcorn laced with a faint whisper of strawberry shampoo filling the air around her, 
as her youngest daughter folded herself into her,
arms wrapping years around her small frame,
holding them in

she glanced from one side to the other,
catching her oldest daughter in a throw-your-head-back giggle,
and her husband with his face all smile and eyes bright with joy

and just like that,
she felt them all blow through her chest, 
simultaneously filling her to all her edges,
and turning her to dust 

God, she was happy,
happier than she’d ever been

and she never wanted it to end

-stock image via Pinterest

Pickle Jar

she snuggled into him,
resting her head in the nook of his shoulder,
finding it was made just for her

here, her soul was at rest,
a rest she hadn’t ever known before,
and closing her eyes,
she savored

the way his palm delicately glided over her curls,
fingers grasping in silky handfuls and lifting,
each individual strand falling to a goose-fleshed tickle against her back 

the whispered words, warm against her cheek, 
swelling her heart and causing her lip to quiver,
the gentleness of his soft lips against her forehead,
and arms which drew her so close, 
she could no longer tell where he ended 
and she began

she couldn’t imagine ever forgetting –
she wanted to preserve each breath  as she breathed it,
every feeling as it overtook her

scooping each fluttering second into an old pickle jar,
she filled it to the rim,
illuminating like a warm summer night’s fireflies

and forever lighting 
the way home 

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