Journey of the Heart

img_6479there once was a girl inside this chamber
nestled in my heart,
it’s where she safely laughed and played,
so we were never far apart

a very long time ago,
she skipped and giggled free,
until chaos and darkness ruled,
causing her to flee

the darkness began to multiply,
and she’d hide more each day,
before too long she stayed inside,
and never came out to play

I locked tight the chamber door,
to save her innocence,
in hopes one day there’d be a safe place,
in which we could sing and dance

for years she frolicked all alone,
nestled safely in my core,
waiting to trust the sunshine,
so she could play freely once more

then one day my sight transformed,
and I realized the sun had been SHINING,
I’d missed it while guarding the chamber door,
I couldn’t see the silver lining

now she roams, unrestrained,
her smile upon my face,
another set of eyes to see,
on this journey I embrace

-photo credit


Can’t Look Up


Every night, I search for you,
Along the Milky Way,
Chin upturned, as my heart yearns,
So many miles away

Last night, I wondered, if I’d feel you there,
If you were gazing too,
If our spirits could share, way up there,
Amidst the brilliant blue

But while I gazed, connecting dots,
The picture grew much clearer,
Stomach whirling, a cosmic unfurling,
I realized why you’re not nearer

For, I am not the one you want,
And the stars have lost their shine,
Now, I can’t look up, because all I see,
Is your heart inside of mine

-image found on Pinterest, shared as part of the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt, lost

Same Equation


Click clanking

Choke stuffing
Rote evasion

Soul eroding
Thought persuasion

Storm producing
Senseless invasion

Tick tocking
Time’s abrasion

Eyes opening
Enough corrasion

Thrum humming
Heart emblazon

Action influencing
Soul suasion

Change inspiring
Collective elation

Life’s journey
Same equation

-image found on Pinterest

via Daily Prompt: Automatic

The Wind


I cannot control the wind
or it’s constant metamorphose,
I listen to the rustling of the leaves
and watch the tree tops sway,
I feel it’s force against my cheeks
as my heels dig into the ground

I fight achingly against each sudden surge
and lean in with all my might,
while it gainfully gusts
and steadily swirls
any way it chooses,
with no conscience, no regret

until I’m left squarely standing,
slightly swaying like the tops of trees,
I close my eyes, feet firmly planted,
listening to more than the leaves

I hear my inner voice, shouting,
‘I have not acquiesced’

for, I know,
I cannot control the wind,
nor can it control me

-Image credit

In Me


There’s something in that small town
In the blood coursing through their veins
There’s something in the way they live
In me that still remains

I tried to hide, to run far away
Pretend I would never be
One of them or one of those
Who felt lesser comparatively

Except, them was not the whole town
It was within familiar walls
That they from whom I was running
Took shelter from life’s falls

And no amount of distance
No box put on a shelf
Could allow me to run quite far enough
Away from myself

-photo credit; shared as part of the dVerse Poets Pub Open Mic Night