they say the pines a’whisper,
a rustling lullaby song,
as the breeze plucks at treetops,
and cool nights grow dark and long

but their sound does not lull, no,
it sings harshly of a ‘bye,
disappearing in shadow,
and cruel whispering of lies

there’s no bogeyman hiding,
in the darkest nooks of night;
it’s absence that’s a’haunting,
hollow howls in the moonlight

-image via Pexels; revision of older poem as part of Imaginary Garden with Real Toads’ prompt, hollow


Can’t Look Up


Every night, I search for you,
Along the Milky Way,
Chin upturned, as my heart yearns,
So many miles away

Last night, I wondered, if I’d feel you there,
If you were gazing too,
If our spirits could share, way up there,
Amidst the brilliant blue

But while I gazed, connecting dots,
The picture grew much clearer,
Stomach whirling, a cosmic unfurling,
I realized why you’re not nearer

For, I am not the one you want,
And the stars have lost their shine,
Now, I can’t look up, because all I see,
Is your heart inside of mine

-image found on Pinterest, shared as part of the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt, lost