Dare to Dream

I dare close my eyes,
to be still and content,
despite the blackness,
threatening ascent,
almost instantaneously,
feeling rapid descent,
but it’s not black,
where was I sent?
it’s all so bold,
and lines are bent,
in technicolor,
with vivid accent,
non-linear and sharp,
the not-shapes torment,
rippling hues spinning,
a vortex of dissent,
hands and fingers paw at me,
a sea of malcontent,
a sensory kaleidoscope,
I’m overwhelmed, spent,
rapid breath in all blues,
but it’s stuck like cement,
I can’t feel my skin,
is this going to relent?
am I still sleeping?
where have I went?
if this is dreaming,
I don’t give my consent,
bring back the blackness,
this is not what I meant

-image via Pixabay


I Dreamt

I dreamt I could hear all the lonely hearts
The echos of words unspoken 
Feel the ache of each wretched beat
The splatter of shrapnel when broken 

I dreamt I could hear all the whirling dreams
The hopes almost forgotten
Feel the life behind each fashioned facade
The fear of promises begotten

I dreamt I could hear the gurgling giggles
The laughter from hearts who so need it
Feel the swell of thirsty souls uplifted 
The lightening of each spirit

I dreamt I could hear love’s spellbinding song
The sweet verse that hums between
Feel the vibration of hearts a’beating
To one chord, believed, though unseen 

I dreamt I could hear the secret whisperings 
In a world whose ears don’t always hear
Feel the thread of each interconnecting
The divine oneness that draws us near 

-image via Pixabay