for years,
your body desperately searched for me,
flesh and muscle foraging with hope,
your essence offered, liquid gold,
and I drank you in like nectar,
my sun-bleached bones seeking sustenance

I’d been so very parched,
and your touch was a welcomed storm,
but, at some point,
I realized it wasn’t enough

my thirst could not be quenched –
you offered yourself with touch,
but you could not find me inside my body

that’s not where I live

-image via Tumblr

18 thoughts on “Live

  1. oh Angela, I loved this so much! physical touch is very important to me, but if someone touches with my thoughts that transcends even the most intimate physical connection. its something i will remember long after the physical memory fades.

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    • I’m so happy you did. Absolutely! When both my mind and body are both engaged it’s something so much more – it’s all of me, and it’s the most powerful thing. It’s connectedness on a different plane!

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