I Am

I am torrential rain in dreary drought,
and clear skies on the darkest days

I am the smell of black coffee at dawn’s breaking,
and rocking chairs in the autumn breeze

I am shady trees on mountainous trails,
and the song of paddles splash-pushing in the river

I am sunlight warming salt-licked skin,
and moonlight washing over gooseflesh 

I am rosy-cheeked memories,
and hope-filled daydreams 

I am the light in your eyes,
and the marrow in your bones 

I am hard-earned wisdom,
and success in the trying 

I am evolution, 
and one day at a time

I am not perfect,
but I am yours

I am forever, 
if you’ll have me

-image via Pixabay


10 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I’m laughing out loud because the project we’re working on in school today is to list all the “I Am’s” about yourself and after giving my girls instructions and examples of what to write, I decided to do some reading and clicked on the link I’ve saved to your blog. And to my great surprise, was your title “I Am.” Perhaps I need to join in on the fun and write my list as well. Lol…. This is so heartfelt…. always love your posts. ❤️

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