for years I dreamt with my eyes closed,
and opened only to forget;
no amount sparkle could erase
the near constant reel of regret,
and the only thing with power to change
was this steadfast soul full of grit

-image via Pixabay; shared as part of the dVerse Poet Pub’s prompt, change


23 thoughts on “Grit

    • I love that you do! I hope you are finding peace. I try to dream with my eyes open these days. No more wading in regret, because I want to live and love to my fullest extent in every moment. That’s not always easy! Thank you so much.


    • Yes. How we think is how we feel, I believe. It takes perseverance and grit to face the unhealthy things we tell ourselves, so the happy can be seen and felt, and so we can accept and sometimes reframe our history. Forgive. Embrace and love.

      Thank you so much for sharing with me!


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