In Me


There’s something in that small town
In the blood coursing through their veins
There’s something in the way they live
In me that still remains

I tried to hide, to run far away
Pretend I would never be
One of them or one of those
Who felt lesser comparatively

Except, them was not the whole town
It was within familiar walls
That they from whom I was running
Took shelter from life’s falls

And no amount of distance
No box put on a shelf
Could allow me to run quite far enough
Away from myself

-photo credit; shared as part of the dVerse Poets Pub Open Mic Night


22 thoughts on “In Me

  1. I don’t remember anything of the city I was born in as we moved when I was three, but have fond memories of places after that, village then town then another city.
    I now live in a coastal town and in total have lived here thirty-eight years and now this is my forever home, the only place I like to be.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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    • It sounds wonderful, Anna! I have fond memories of my hometown. I also have not so fond ones, but few of them have to do with the town itself. I don’t wish to go back there, but I do find myself yearning for a simpler life as I age. I’ve lived in my home for 19 years, and it’s entirely possible it’s my forever home. That’s perfectly fine with me, as it’s the one true home I’ve ever known. 💜 Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for sharing with me.


  2. This poem strikes chords with me, It’s not so much the place we try to run from but what it reminds us of. Home is always part of us wherever we go, but we don’t necessarily want all the baggage that comes with it.


  3. Lovely, sweet, and evocative. I’m from a small town … more precisely, from a farm/ranch outside of a small town. That place, the place of my childhood, will always live and breathe in me.

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    • It sounds lovely, Kat. Small town living and living a life apart from the the bustle of big city life have so much to offer. The place I’m from is a factory town. It will always live and breathe in me too. As I age, I find my soul longing for a simpler life, partly because of that. 💜

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