The Wind


I cannot control the wind
or it’s constant metamorphose,
I listen to the rustling of the leaves
and watch the tree tops sway,
I feel it’s force against my cheeks
as my heels dig into the ground

I fight achingly against each sudden surge
and lean in with all my might,
while it gainfully gusts
and steadily swirls
any way it chooses,
with no conscience, no regret

until I’m left squarely standing,
slightly swaying like the tops of trees,
I close my eyes, feet firmly planted,
listening to more than the leaves

I hear my inner voice, shouting,
‘I have not acquiesced’

for, I know,
I cannot control the wind,
nor can it control me

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18 thoughts on “The Wind

  1. Your poem is making my inner voice happy. She loves having attention. I love the connection to myself or thru myself thru this voice. Who was I before…..that is a great line. An important place to return to when the conventional thinking returns. Thanks for sharing this poem. I love it! I’m making space for my inner voice thru my blog Writing about all the times I remember her speaking and how I reacted or didn’t. I’m trying to grow my relationship with her just like your poem. Thanks again for your words.

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