I wish I could be a writer, 
etching soul into character

I wish I could be a poet,
transforming spirit into sound

My heart and spirit are always so full,
of words, of song, of love,

There is never enough time in a day
to put pen to paper,
to record what my heart and spirit 
can’t stop shouting

I’ve thought maybe it’s not my time,
that life’s circumstances just won’t
allow for it

But I think I’ve had it all wrong – 

It’s not about time at all,
it’s all about love

There’s only love and serving love
in this life

I could spend all my spare time
tucked into a desk, alone, pen in hand,
recording life

I suppose that’s love and serving love
in its own way

Or, I can be 

I can be the love, offer the love,
perpetuate the love,
face to face,
exposing my soul and this LOVE I have,
in everyday life,
giving to others and serving the world 
in the best way I know how


I wish I could be a writer,
I wish I could be a poet,
but I think maybe my spirit is telling me
something else

I’m a be-er,
with the heart of a writer 
and the soul of a poet 

-image via Pinterest, source unknown