Common Ground

it was a strange and shocking ‘morn,
this news they had each just found,
swiftly from grief to disbelief;
not one could wrap her head around

they’d each showed up to mourn the loss,
of a partner monogamous,
but now they sat on a chilly bench,
more in common than each had guessed

yes, they’d learned it in kindergarten,
but none of the three much cared;
not one had agreed to this common seed,
they unknowingly had shared

luckily, no revenge
would need to be avowed;
the conniving culprit was comfortably residing
six feet beneath the ground

Written in response to Bojana’s Tell the Story Challenge. I haven’t been feeling all that inspired the last couple weeks, but I do love a good visual prompt (even though challenges are scary!!). This is all I got – dark humor with elementary rhyming….but here it is. Thank you for your kind words and, as always, you are an inspiration Bojana! Please, click the link to read this beautiful and talented soul!!

I pass the challenge on to these unbelievably talented writers who are also beautiful human beings (with zero pressure!):

Meg Sorick, Author

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-image via Pexels by Leroy Skalstad

50 Cats

50 cats
Wore 50 hats
To go walking in the rain

50 cats
Met 50 bats
Taking cover on a train

50 cats
And 50 bats
Felt a bit mundane

So 50 cats
And 50 bats
Boarded an airplane

Where 50 cats
And 50 bats
Spoke with every Dick and Jane

And 50 cats and 50 bats
Met a group of acrobats
Then, joined their circus habitat
Where every other wore a hat

Isn’t that insane?

Written for my youngest daughter who loves silly poems; image credit Nam Senpai, DeviantArt