waking behind closed eyes,
she was parched with panic,
damp fear making its way
to the surface of her skin

its ominous presence made known

it wasn’t anywhere in particular;
it was all-the-places,
taking up all the space,
ready, hungry, waiting

it was here for her

she could feel its soul salivating,
its stifling need, heavy in the air,
her breathing labored,
the air freezing in gasps in her lungs

it wants to diminish her

with all her will,
she struggled to pry open her eyes,
her brain certain to make it so,
each individual muscle desperate to cooperate

it allowed no sight

frantic, her voice gathered all its strength to scream,
urgent cries heaving within her chest,
it’s stifled agony glued to the tip of her tongue 

it allowed no sound

arms tensing to throw back the covers,
her feet begged to run and run and run,
all of her muscles rigid with yearning,
threatening to snap

it allowed no movement

so it was she accepted her fate,
breathing slowing in surrendered trembles, muscles giving way to exhaustion,
and eyes which no longer needed opening in order to see,
shed involuntarily tears

it allowed them

~image found on Pinterest, and the words are bringing to life a recurring dream I had long ago, shared in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Tale Weaver, The Dark Side Challenge