Heart pounding, she slipped on nearest shoes,
Thinking, how did I miss all the clues?
Why would he betray us?
Am I superfluous?
Feet fleeing, soul battered and bruised.

-shared in response to Mind and Life Matters’ limerick challenge photo prompt


Save It

save it,
I’ve heard it all before

no need to back pedal,
or think so quickly on your toes,
trying to explainit all away with excuses
and beefy rationalizations

don’t you dare twist and pull
and try to point that poison
back at me

it’s not me,
it’s you

own it,
or walk away

because if you don’t,
I will

~image credit Pinterest, source unknown


I want you

I want the force of your wet lips against mine,
the crack-crackling of fiery tongues dancing around us,
their hungry heat howling up, up into the night,
as our midnight breath wafts in heaves and echoes amidst the cool glow of the winter moon

I want your unyielding body enclosing mine,
the safety of your arms shutting out the world,
our only witness the twinkling of the gods tracing, with precision,
the vast blackness of the night sky

I want the sturdy firmness of Mother Earth beneath me,
she my grounding as our bodies gnash and claw, becoming one,
our unrestrained spirits rising, intertwined with the heat of the passionate blaze

I want to grab a fistful of that wild, consuming energy between us

I want to tuck it away in my pocket,
a treasured remembrance I can stroke with wistful fingers,
when my heart needs you nearby

I want you

-image found on Pinterest, original source unknown; rewritten older poem


not much has changed,
while everything has changed

he’s always off-key,
but he sings anyway as he does things
around the house,
following along to some Pearl Jam lyrics
or some other 80’s or 90’s tune,
just like he did back in college

that was 24 years ago –
I’ve loved him more than half my life,
a life forever changed when we met

I love this man, more than ever;
I love his flat notes and his uneven pitch –
it’s the soundtrack of my life

-image via Pixabay

Light Years

surrounded by the night,
I humbly stand, gazing up at the stars,
overwhelmed with both melancholy and hope;
I know I’m looking back in time –
it takes years for their light to reach the earth –
but here I stand, able to see it

surrounded by the night,
I humbly lay, gazing into your eyes,
overwhelmed with both melancholy and hope;
I know I’m looking back in time –
it’s been years waiting for your light
to reach me –
but here I lay, unable yet to see it

-image via Pixabay