the sweet glow of summer rests,
ripened to golden on cheeks,
as fastidious fingers tug and pull
that which is not meant
to take root

a curious breeze blows welcomed secrets,
as deliciously sore muscles
and hard-earned sweat
unearth truths once hidden
beneath the now upturned
soil and rocks

anxious leaves rustle a whispered concerto
in the tree tops,
as she gathers herself in handfuls,
piece by organically grown piece,
leaving behind for fertilizer
that which is no longer useful
above ground

and when the work for today is done,
she rests,
under the blue light of the August moon,
ready for the change a’comin’

-image credit Pinterest; shared as part of dVerse Poets Open Link Night; also shared as part of Mindlovemisery’s tale weaver 



Ahh, look at her –
there’s something inevitable about her that draws me in,
my eyes can’t get enough,
I’m addicted

she has this quiet, humble confidence and these kind, welcoming eyes,
a classic, artful line about her

the graceful curve of her shoulder muscles eluding to her tranquil strength,
her delicate neck and the unpretentious way she holds herself, mesmerizing,
a tactile symmetry that whispers my name

the way the silky, black fabric rests on the soft edges of her collarbone,
making me wish I could follow them beneath

her exposed upper back begging for soft kisses,
for finger trails that cause the rest to arch in anticipation,
making me want to see just that

and there she sits,
tucking in a few stray strands of that beautiful, auburn hair,
twisted so effortlessly off her shoulders,
completely unaware of the attention,
her beauty so natural,
an easy, feminine elegance,
all woman,

I’m gonna walk over there,
gonna wrap my arms around her and lead her to dance floor,
kiss the muscled line running from behind her ear and down her neck,
the one that leads to that inviting dip in her clavicle

I’m gonna listen to her gasp against my cheek,
feel her heartbeat quicken beneath my palms

I’m gonna hold her so close,
she won’t ever forget how I feel about her,
she won’t ever remember a time she wasn’t loved

-image credit Öykü, found on Tumblr

She Is

She is the yes girl
The cleans up the mess girl
The yearns for your caress girl
Messy on the inside

She is the aim to please you girl
The helps you when you’re blue girl
The won’t quit till she’s through girl
Screaming on the inside

She is the peace keeping girl
The up when you’re sleeping girl
The mind always leaping girl
Exhausted on the inside

She is the wants a hug girl
The needs you like a drug girl
The soul full of love girl
Desperate on the inside

She is the wants to feel like yours girl
The heart for you pours girl
The wants to give you more girl
Trying on the inside

-image found via Tumblr, source unknown; shares as part of dVerse open link night #193


The room was quiet, but for the near silent whisper of the curtain sheers dusting against the pane, as the autumn breeze waltzed through the small opening in the window. Peering out, she relished the cool comfort. 

Beyond the long stretch of yellow-tipped green grass, was a thick wood. The brown trunks stretched into scarlet, papaya, and maize, swaying in time with the breeze, a postage stamp echo of the rural wood she knew as a child. Inside, her heart clung to the tree-topped rhythm, to the familiar, soothing music that belongs only to the autumn, the peaceful, vibrant tune of youth. 

-image found on Pixabay; writing part of a larger work, shared as part of dVerse prompt, prose poetry 


trapped, pacing cavernous halls of yesterdays, in a labyrinth of memories, edges torn and frayed

soul dreading the echoes, reverberating of years,
flesh bearing cool patina, corrosion by fear,

her tired heart but a shadow of what could be,
thrumming erratic, amidst suffocating debris

-shared in response to DVerse’s Quadrille Challenge, Shadow

The Meadow

I dreamt of a wicked meadow beckoning,
of bashful blooms a rubescent red,
of a silvery sliver moon, 
clothing carelessly strewn,
and wily wildflower, watching ‘round our heads

I dreamt of dewy green, glimmering grass,
of making bed with petal and plume,
of passionate eyes,
carefree, primal cries,
and the plummeting pinnacle untombed

I dreamt of liquid stardust sweltering,
on fevered flesh, as cores collide,
of celestial glow,
bodies shimmering below, 
and shadows refusing to hide

Image credit
Shared as part of Dverse’s Open Mic Night 

Swimming in Circles

’round and ‘round and ‘round I go
hope in circles, love below 

waves behind, ripples ahead
undertow above footbed

in a school, both lost and found
yet chasing tail, ‘round and ‘round

off’ring scales like Rainbow Fish,
unrealistic was my wish

down below, I do belong 
the ‘round and ‘round feels all wrong 

aesthetic is not for me 
I must dive, exhale, be free

-image credit


I thought I knew about a lot of things before I met you

but I never knew what slow, deep kisses meant,
or that they could last all night long

I never knew what the smell of the first morning breeze could do as my head lay upon your chest,
or how that breeze could carry me throughout the day

I never knew how my own chest could ache in your absence,
or that I could smile all the way to my fingertips when we joined again

I never knew I could get butterflies deep in my belly every time you kissed my neck,
or that my desire for you could consume me

I never knew that shared laughter could cure almost anything,
and shared tears could say much more than words

I never knew I could feel fire in my veins when you hurt,
or that my heart’s fullness could spill over when you smile

I never knew I could need like this,
that I could feel swaddled by another so completely, I can finally rest

I thought I knew all about hope before I met you

but that was before I believed in magic

-Image credit; This is for M, the love of my life!


Meet me, let’s dance on the silvery moon,
Where gravity can’t hold us down

Meet me atop the mountainous peak,
Where the world is full-surround

Meet me on glorious eagle’s wings,
And we’ll soar to lands unseen

Meet me, let’s hide under the willow tree,
Where we’ll close our eyes and dream

Meet me over the rolling, hard hills,
Where sweet victory lays its sword

Meet me (on your lap) in your comfy chair,
And I’ll whisper your favorite words

Meet me in our shadows, dark,
Where no words need pass our lips

Meet me bare, with fiery flesh,
Speaking with only fingertips 

Meet me each and every morn’,
With tangled limbs and contented hearts

Meet me amidst the everyday tedium,
Where we’ll close the distance, n’er to part

Meet me, and forever stay, 
For I have always known –
You are my everything,
My one and only true home

-Image found via Pinterest, owner unknown; shared over at the dVerse Poets Pub, where the prompt is Heart


I shiver,
my phone’s battery on red,
as I lay, unclothed, on the bed,
the smell of citrus permeating the sheets,
the uneven spray of the shower beats
a rhythm,
displaced water tapping the tub’s floor,
soon your steps will approach the door,
but until then,
thoughts of you occupy my mind,
can’t wait ’till we’re entwined,
two souls as one,
buzzing to the cadence of many thousand days past,
in anticipation of a future that will outlast
this moment,
the tick-ticking of the seconds,
time passing, yet love beckons
no notice

only you and I,

-artwork found via Pinterest, The Last Kiss, by Leonid Afremov; submitted as part of of the dVerse Poet Pub’s Jazz Poetry Challenge