Swimming in Circles

’round and ‘round and ‘round I go
hope in circles, love below 

waves behind, ripples ahead
undertow above footbed

in a school, both lost and found
yet chasing tail, ‘round and ‘round

off’ring scales like Rainbow Fish,
unrealistic was my wish

down below, I do belong 
the ‘round and ‘round feels all wrong 

aesthetic is not for me 
I must dive, exhale, be free

-image credit afarcry.org


I tried to pretend I wasn’t a poet,
that words weren’t effervescent,
and this spirit could live anchored in the sand

I tried to pretend I wasn’t a poet,
that I could delete passion with liquid logic,
watch my fogged breath be swiped clean

I tried to pretend I wasn’t a poet,
that my heart could believe whatever happens, happens,
and let the bow string go flaccid

I tried to pretend my heart didn’t need
to breathe on its own,
and that blank paper had no voice

I tried to pretend, but my heart was helium –
it grew new lungs and spoke in baby’s breath,
in whispers beating an arrhythmia,
forcing me to gasp for air and hear the calling of the wild white,
to listen to the deep blue me

I tried to pretend I wasn’t a poet,
but that was before I realized
my heart was magic

-art by Charlotte Atkinson

Same Equation


Click clanking

Choke stuffing
Rote evasion

Soul eroding
Thought persuasion

Storm producing
Senseless invasion

Tick tocking
Time’s abrasion

Eyes opening
Enough corrasion

Thrum humming
Heart emblazon

Action influencing
Soul suasion

Change inspiring
Collective elation

Life’s journey
Same equation

-image found on Pinterest

via Daily Prompt: Automatic