last year,
I committed to continued work changing what wasn’t working in my life,
to letting go of things and ideas that no longer serve me,
to de-conditioning myself from a lifetime of culturally-imposed and self-imposed bullshit,
to questioning my personal stories, assumptions, and beliefs that made up my version of reality,
to showing up differently for myself and breaking old patterns

it hasn’t been easy,
and there have been so many unexpected challenges,
but this year has been a wonderful teacher

I learned to observe the voice in my head and not necessarily identify with it,
to work toward letting go of the idea that I’m doing this life thing alone,
to understand that I am valuable regardless of what I produce,
to become more conscious and present,
to work toward being more patient, embracing the growth process, and feeling all the feelings that arise along the way,
to reflect and express these feelings and lessons in writing when I’m so moved to do so,
to work toward continuing to listen to the central voice that is the core of who I am,
and to act more in line with that

I’d like to continue to move forward this year,
to further this journey by finding out what the hell ‘self care’ looks like to me,
to stop eating the things that are poisoning me and not missing them,
to forgiving myself more naturally and in healthy ways that move me forward,
to getting out of my own head and being a good friend to the people whom I hold so dearly,
to developing a different relationship with work,
to being less instinctively guarded and spreading love in as many ways as possible,
to including more of the things that feel expansive and less of things that feel draining or contractive,
and to loving myself through all phases of my evolution

I’m a lifelong student,
and I know this year will be a good teacher, too

Happy New Year! 💜

–image via Pexels


12 thoughts on “Student

  1. You have been a light and an inspiration in my life, Angela, and I am so looking forward to getting to know you better this year. I have good feelings about 2019, for both of us! I am grateful to have you in my world!! Love to you, my friend!

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  2. I think we are both following similar (at times parallel paths)! I’ll wave to you and grab 2 coffees on the way every now and then! Then we both continue the journey around opposite corners

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    • I am a new follower (and ecstatic to be), but I see that you are a coffee aficionado. I LOVE coffee, more than most things, lol. I grind and brew in different ways depending on my mood and time constraints, and enjoy finding new small business coffee shops and roasters to bring home their beans. It’s our favorite pastime! So, I’ll happily share that coffee and traverse the pathway! I imagine your cuppa is delicious. Thank you! I think we may be, and I love that! I love connecting with others traveling a similar path. It’s lovely getting to know you, Kat!

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