when she started out,
she’d written for no one;
it was pure reflection,
raw, unfiltered parts of her soul,
once-hidden bits of herself,
toilsome connections and modes of understanding,
the stuff everyday life was after but hadn’t dared to admit,
and it became an outpouring,
unable to be dammed

public approval meant absolutely nothing,
until she experienced it –
now, the thought of losing her audience shamed her

what began as an irrepressible outpouring had become defining,
a definition that vanished the moment she accredited it

-image via Pexels


16 thoughts on “Approval

  1. I love how you don’t shy away, and how you do it both boldly and with gentleness. I love how you open things up and look at them. I love your writing and your heart.

    I think being a writer has so many faces. For me, I write because I love the words and it is how I feel I can most honestly convey who I am. I write with the hope that what I produce will resonate with and even help others. I write for me, but I cant’ deny that when my writing touches someone, it feels good. I think that is ok. Creativity is so many things, comes from so many different directions and holds different motivations at different times. I may be totally missing the mark here, but anyway….just my two cents.

    Love you, Lady!!!

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  2. Yes. YES! I hear you! And understand! And begging you to not worry about ‘anyone’ or any approval, when you write.

    Write for you.

    I’m in the same boat so let’s not do this. It is completely unreasonable to me, that we ‘allow’ control of ‘anything’, right here. Here in this place.

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    • Thank you so much for your kindness and support, Kat. You are such loving light and I’m blessed to have you here!

      I’m so sorry you relate. It is unreasonable! I have been in this place. As life evolves, I frequently evaluate where I am on this map as I share my writing. l evaluate my ‘why’ in sharing it. The answer always has to be that it feeds my soul and not my ego. Sharing for connection and hopefully to touch someone else’s soul is beautiful and invaluable, so long as that’s what it is. So, I’m with you!

      Thank you, again. You are so very kind! 💜

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  3. the irony and paradox of life continues to confuse and entice us, your words always carry deep meaning and the ugly truth is presented with your amazing gentleness. my heart always finds a place to rest here dear Angela

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