life has lead me through experience
to thought,
and thought to action,
through action to trial and error,
on a path back through words,
to love,
and creation

it’s been the most amazing,
eye-opening, and soul-baring ride

and this life keeps leading me back to words,
to love,
and a call to action –
a call to being

but, oddly enough,
that call to being is, at times,
at odds with words,
with time itself

and I can’t quite find my place to be

-image via Pinterest


18 thoughts on “Place

  1. its when we chaff against our own thoughts that we wear away the layers of insecurities and doubts. your poetry is not just flowing beautiful words but always like a light for the soul Angela.

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  2. I wasn’t exactly sure how to comment, then I read your comment to Susan. And thought ‘yep, that’s about what I would have said if I had collected my thoughts together’. I stand in middle life with a lot of regrets but a lot of time left to make the best of. The next choices are going to be difficult but the result will be worth it!

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    • Thank you, Susan. I’m so happy it’s coming through and I’m able to share it with you. I think there comes a time when things become so much clearer, and yet so difficult. The choices we must make, the juggling, the sacrifices, the path all become clearer, yet, we stand on the precipice, wishing things were what we want them to be. Fear, shame, ego, etc, get in the way, but it’s what the heart wants, what the soul desires. Needs, even. So there’s really no choice. I don’t believe happy is a place, something we can attain by acquiring things or getting to a certain level in life. It’s a way of thinking and being, and living that way attracts more of the same – but it sure isn’t easy.

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      • Oh, Angela, this is so beautiful. I feel all of those things from your poetry, the fear of it all, but the hope and beauty of it as well. It definitely isn’t easy. I couldn’t agree with you more that happy is a way of thinking and being, and I feel that so strongly in your being, even when there is sadness there or doubt. You are living the true journey and are stronger and wiser for it, even if it may not always feel that way. Lots of love to you!

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