I long to be there,
where the world is not held together by nails and lumber and glass,
where there are no neon signs blinking, no never-ending tracks and metal systems stuck on repeat,
where there are no glowing devices beckoning,
and narrating every move

I long to be there,
where the treetops dance and hum a whispered concerto,
where wildlife is welcome to be wild,
clicking and crackling and chirping as they share their habitat,
where shades of gold, russet, and sage color the earth,
multiplying and transforming beneath my fingertips and before my eyes

I long to be there,
where the shoreline is speckled with cattails and reeds rustling in the breeze,
where wind-rippled waters reflect the lazy streaks of sun-bleached clouds above,
where the smell of damp earth at the break of dawn is better than anything Starbucks serves

I long to be there,
where the whole world opens up,
bright and clear,
where land and sky and water bleed into one another,
soaking each other,
where they mix and mingle until it’s hard to know which is which

I long to be there,
where the forest always welcomes,
the sky never ends,
and the water always begins

I long for there
to be out my back door

-image is mine


20 thoughts on “There

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    • I wish that was my back yard, Gina! It’s from a trip to Colorado at the Rocky Mountain State Park. I visited my friend last year. I long to return! It’s so gorgeous there. I’m in Ohio, and while I love Ohio, I currently live in the suburbs and long to live further out. Our plan is to do so once out girls go off on their own. You’re so right, she is so good to us! I feel blessed by that every day.


  2. Dear Angela, What a wonderful tribute and yearning for the simplicity and beauty of nature as oppose the the “Man made” existence we live. Your words puts us THERE! With the same yearning you felt. Your words were captivating! Loved the photo too!

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  3. Inspiring and hopeful piece of writing. I can relate to the emotion that this post wants to translate and express. Very well-written. Thank you for sharing.
    By the way, can you please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. 🙂

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