There’s no music in these headphones,
No rhythmic beat a’playin’,
There’s no cool lyrics to sing to,
For dancin’ or hip swayin’

There’s no music in these headphones,
No recharging chord,
There’s no lullaby for comfort,
When times get really hard

There’s no music in these headphones,
There’s no power supply,
There’s nothing but the static,
And the tears that have run dry

-image via Pixabay; written and re-posted as part of Mental Health Awareness Month to help bring awareness to the realities of depression


41 thoughts on “Static

  1. A wonderful rhythm in your words that initially betray the sadness in your close.
    Sometimes we just have to shut out the world and seek the comfort of tears.
    It is sad when the static remains.

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    • I agree. I don’t happen to believe that not being okay is a weakness! It is sad when the static remains, especially when the suffering is in silence, if help is needed and not sought. Thank you so much for reading, Anna, and for the thoughtful comment. 💜


  2. This is so touching… and gosh those tears ‘that have run dry’.. sigh.. sometimes we need a moment to ourselves.. to remember to hold on to hope and strength. Beautifully penned.

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    • Sometimes. Yes, crying does heal. Sometimes depression feels as if there’s nothing left – no energy, no will, no tears, no way to recharge or refill the well. The headphones are a metaphor for that feeling.


  3. Angela, my youngest son has taken to wearing his headphones while studying. no music. he says it cuts out the noise. this poem speaks volumes to me (pun intended!). so much going on in our heads it seems noise from the outside but its actually from within us. you have a gift with wording out the deepest thoughts.

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    • I understand. My oldest uses hers as white noise, only things with no words so she can’t sing along, but it helps her concentrate. I agree about the noise from within. Sometimes the outer noise keeps us from hearing the noise from within. In my experience, the only way to silence it is to allow it to speak….and to listen.

      Thank you so much, Gina. Your kind words are humbling. Love to you. 💜


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