‘Oh, here she comes’

I know what you say about me behind closed doors,
what you whisper in smoke-filled rooms,
bronze rivers dancing in crystal fractions,
creeded ego hot on supercilious-stained cheeks,
stinging the tip of your liquor-slicked tongue

‘watch out boy, she’ll chew you up’

and you’re all man, right? –
that’s what you tell yourself,
what you want me to perceive

you want me to want to devour you;
you want me to believe I’m doing the devouring,
that I’m the one who’s gonna make you pay,
gonna break your ‘fragile’ heart

‘she’s a maneater’

but you’re a master at the game,
and you think I’m just another pawn with a confident exterior,
shielding my heart from fear

‘she’s watching and waiting’

I am, there’s no denying it –
I’m no fear-filled dummy, boy,
I can play this game, too,
if I must

but let’s be clear –
I was never here to play the game,
to break your timorous heart,
to find easy prey and pounce

I just want more,
and I’m gonna get it

so, if that makes me a maneater –

image via Pinterest, original source unknown; written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Music Challenge