it was a day like any other over the past 10 years:
making lunches, serving breakfast,
a 10 hour work day, drained and running on empty,
crossing one thing after another off an endless to-do list,
making the dinner and doing the dishes,
folding the laundry,
too few smiles,
forced hugs,
unspoken and misunderstood resentments,
layered one upon the other and set in mortar,
a brick wall seemingly too tall to scale,
treading water in a sea so seemingly vast and deep,
she knew she couldn’t go on treading forever

she didn’t care to –
she knew it was time to chip and chisel,
time to dive,

and after her shower at the end of the day,
she sat on the edge of the bed, restless,
fed up,
tired of the cycle on repeat, repeat,
lost, yet grasping at the first threads of found,
looking at herself in the mirror,

in that moment,
she realized how fragile happiness is,
how, if you’re careless,
you can walk right past it,
how it’s possible to love so hard and hope so much,
and end up with nothing,
nothing that really matters

and she wasn’t going to let that happen

-image via Tumblr


15 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. there are days like these then days of bliss, knowing when to pull the threads of both together weave a beautiful tapestry of magical ordinary days. If its worth fighting for, fight hard for it. your words always give me strength Angela. I am having a feast, reading your posts tonight.

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  2. This is awesome Angela! It makes me realize how my wife must feel. I was fired and arrested for using a company credit card and she had to get a job. I made a horrible mistake in judgement, took a plea bargain and just finished 3 years of a five year probation sentence. In the last 4 years we went through a bankruptcy, I had open heart surgery and a knee replacement. It has been very hard on her and I carry that guilt.


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