they say the pines a’whisper,
a rustling lullaby song,
as the breeze plucks at treetops,
and cool nights grow dark and long

but their sound does not lull, no,
it sings harshly of a ‘bye,
disappearing in shadow,
and cruel whispering of lies

there’s no bogeyman hiding,
in the darkest nooks of night,
it’s absence that’s a’haunting,
hollow howls in the moonlight

-image found via rebloggy.com, revised older poem


31 thoughts on “Hollow

    • Thank you so much, Victoria! I was thinking about how we sometimes lie in bed having trouble sleeping, listening to the wind. But its sound is only stirring, it’s no lullaby. It doesn’t lull; it perpetuates those swirling thoughts, and is a howling reminder of the byes, that which is missing, or gone, or never could be.

      I appreciate the lovely feedback. Thank you, again! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Björn! How interesting….I will have to look that up! But it is very reminiscent of that. I was thinking of all the things about which the night reminds us, when we have trouble sleeping. Those things are often absences – lost time, lost people, etc.


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