Don’t Save Me

don’t save me –
swooping in to fix things only robs me,
only serves to set me up to make the same mistakes,
to repeat the pattern,
to fail myself

support me –
help set me up for success,
say the hard things,
I can take it,
and don’t listen to my excuses

I need you to,
I’m counting on it

love me,
help me,
but don’t save me

help me save myself

-image via Tumblr, original source unknown


20 thoughts on “Don’t Save Me

  1. I love this!! Sometimes I feel confused about my need to be loved vs. my need to be independent, like I couldn’t possibly expect to fulfill both at the same time. It took some time for me to realize the two can co-exist, and there’s a kind of love that allows and even supports independence still. This poem beautifully captures both the dilemma and the resolution! ❤


  2. very lovely words and prompts interesting thoughts. men want to fix things, if we confide its like a call to action and I feel the ache of helplessness in his eyes some days. but we help them understand our needs just wanting to be held, for belief, for strength we get just having them say we can do it. a strong man knows when to stand back but be present and patient. I love the emotions you rouse in me Angela. makes me appreciate the love I have.

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    • Love this response, Michael! Yes, there are plenty of men who are amazing partners, so it wouldn’t be fair of me to make a gross generalization. But in my experience, more men could use it. Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful response.

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