It’s a Mess in Here

it’s a mess in here

in here,
the wind blows cold shoulders,
frigid boulders,
as bony heels dig in,
flashing wicked, toothy grin,
momentum gaining in unstoppable force

it’s acid rain pelting sideways,
slicing deep, as confidence frays,
designed to take, and take, and take,
caustic pits and falls in the wake
of every droplet

it’s ice formation, crystalline,
a silver-mirrored mask,
slick-honeyed slopes, way-too-fast,
spiked with shards of glass castles,
hard-fought battles,
crumbling under the weight of my world

it’s a mess in here,
but you wouldn’t know it

‘cuz out there,
it’s all Cheshire smiles,
acrid, choked-down bile,
too many ‘I’m fine’s’, and ‘how are you’s’,
saying anything you need to hear to
get through the day

it’s thoughts in reverse,
desperation-filled balloons threatening to burst,
while necessity-born-will
stuffs it all to pit of my chest cavity,
overflowing with self-made debris

it’s automation,
my robogrip crossing lines off lists,
hiding nail-digging fists,
wrapping feelings in tiny, red-ribboned boxes,
so you won’t know the one who’s stomach’s in knots is


it’s a mess in here,
but you wouldn’t know it –
I don’t trust you (me)
enough to show it

-image via Pinterest, original source unknown; I accidentally published this yesterday when it was meant to be scheduled for this morning, apologies if you’ve seen it twice

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