I don’t visit often enough.
I tell myself it’s the distance,
work, time’s pull, insistent;
my schedule is rough.

But there’s unrest in my heart
that tells me that’s not true.
Instead of feeling closer to you,
seeing you only rips me apart.

Every time I see your face,
a little piece of me dies;
I feel the sadness you try to disguise,
the years of running a losing race.

I see too much
I see how you might look on my face.

-image via Pixabay


37 thoughts on “(Re)Visit

  1. Watching parents age might be tough, but, for those who have children when they are young, watching your children grow old is tougher. But it is the way of it. And something many late-starters in recent times will miss, but then they are also likely to miss being grandparents. Life is a process.

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    • I believe so too, Grace. Watching parents age is difficult for many reasons, but I’ve said what’s needed to be said and I hope to always do so. I value truth and love and want nothing more than for my loved ones to leave this earth with peaceful souls.


  2. i thought of my mother as i read this, yes she has run that race too and my heart breaks every time i see her stoop a little more and forget a little more about things she should remember. you captured all the love a girl has for her mother in these few lines.

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    • It’s a odd feeling isn’t it? You know these days will come, but you can’t possibly know how it will feel until you’re experiencing them. Love to you and your mom, Gina. Thank you, as always.

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