Would You?

If I were just a’floating by,
A dandelion seed on the breeze,
I wonder, if I tickled your nose,
Would you even recognize?

If I were trapped in an hourglass,
A grain of sand waiting to pass,
I wonder, would I be significant,
Would you make the second last?

If I were but a tiny minnow,
In a sea of glittery scales,
I wonder, would you still see me,
Would you see beyond the veils?

If I were but an ordinary girl,
In a world of Barbie dolls,
I wonder, would you still want me,
Would I be for whom you’d fall?

For, I am but a humble seed, 
A grain of sand amidst the heap,
A minnow apart from the school,
An ordinary girl whose love is soul deep

-image via Pixabay


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