This is my first summer off since I began working 30 years ago. For 10 years, I worked long hours in the juvenile corrections field, which was so very rewarding, but also soul twisting. The last 14 years, I've worked 50-60 hour weeks with no sick or personal time, and until 2 years ago, I took only one short vacation each of those years. My soul is exhausted and in need of revitalization. 

For the summer, I am working 1 day a week, and the other days I do have many family responsibilities, but I also have free time that I've never had before. It feels so good.

As much as I'd love to use much of the free time to read and write, my heart is telling me I need to use it differently. My children are growing fast, and sooner than I'd like, they'll be gone. My husband enjoys outdoor activities and loves nothing more than for me to accompany him. The house we've loved and lived within for 20 years is being remodeled, amidst the process of becoming in unison with those who inhabit it, and my elbow grease is contributing.

My heart is telling me my home needs some love, both figuratively and literally. This summer, my heart and spirit are leading me home, and it is breathing in me new life. 

I will only be here sporadically, but I'll carry your words in my heart. Have an amazing summer, all! 


*image via Pixabay


22 thoughts on “Summer

  1. have a lovely summer and go where your heart takes you! break the routine, make new ones, it does not really matter, be loved and be happy that you can love back. I enjoyed reading more about your life and want to wish you a really meaningful time in the next few weeks, you are so right, kids grow up too fast we need to be there and enjoy the journey they travel and want us by their side, though reluctant to admit at times!!

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  2. Yes you are number one in your books and if you are not good to yourself you will not be good to others. Take care of your needs and enjoy your children and husband and as you say before you know it your children will be gone. Replenish yourself and have a great summer.

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  3. I am touched by your soul asking for respite. I understand. Its good you’re listening so carefully Angela, you are making me think too!! Blessings!!

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