I Wish…

I see you here most days;
I hope to

I seem to have made it a habit,
coffee, and you

there you sit,
legs crossed, in your well-worn
gray Woodstock t-shirt,
sipping your coffee,
mindlessly scrolling through your phone,
in no hurry

every now and then, you look up to stare,
at everything and nothing at all,
an easy smile for any passer by,
a quiet confidence,
a contentment that’s contagious

and your eyes, oh God,
your warm, deep green eyes with those tiny orange flecks,
remind me of how it used to feel sitting beneath my favorite willow tree on sleepy summer nights

I want to know your name,
I want to feel it roll off my tongue,
a sound as familiar and comfortable
as my favorite, cozy sweatshirt

I want to know what you like for breakfast and how you take your tea,
I want to know when you’re afraid
and when you’re too tired to sleep

I want to recognize your laugh
from across the room,
feel your eyes upon me without even
having to look

I want to know you

I see you,
and I wish you’d see me, too

-image credit Pinterest, poem inspired by image