Rinse and Repeat

every day I paint it over,
calling red rover,
one stroke, death grip, 
then another

cover stick, first,
masquerading bags,
the jet lag,
life at light speed,
so many green flags 

then, lining the lids,
tallying bids,
gotta be strong for the kids,
keep up appearances in the social grids

now, take out the mascara,
lengthening lashes,
hiding the ashes,
gotta hold back tears,
don’t want to trash it

next, brushing blush on high-boned cheeks,  erasing weeks,
turning pain to rosy peaks

can’t forget the smokey shadow,
shrouding eyes,
masking lies,
for, behind lids,
the well runs dry

last, smearing color on lips,
dripping quips,
blood red smile oozing script

mask complete, a battle to beat,
costume in place, emotions to eat

rinse and repeat

-image via Pixabay


14 thoughts on “Rinse and Repeat

    • Aww, that’s sweet!
      There’s a ritual for many of us in putting on a face to tackle the world, especially when it’s a world in which we feel we don’t fit but feel forced to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • i feel the same, I hate putting it on but sometimes or well most times it seems necessary to help us face the harsh outside. Me and my two girls have a ritual we dance about each other when we need to go for a party, its always a very lovely bonding time too!

        Liked by 1 person

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