‘Those mountains you’re carrying,
you were meant to climb’, they said

But they built the mountains,
which weren’t made of mole hills

And climbing is commendable,
But I’m meant to fly

-image found via google used in many places, image credit unknown


15 thoughts on “Fly 

  1. for me, I say I am fine or ok to the person asking and that is the very person who has hurt me because I don’t want to hurt them in return, does that make sense or am I just a sucker for pain? I rather not divulge more of my hurt to show them I am hurting too. I loved this post so much!


    • Yes, it makes sense. I do that, too, and have done it for ages. It’s only been recently that I have found the courage to tell the ones I love and care for that they’ve hurt me, and deliver that in a caring way. That hasn’t always worked out the way I’d hoped, because the other has not wanted to hear that. Having to look at oneself isn’t always easy. I don’t like to cause anyone discomfort or pain. But, I feel like I need to show up for myself and try not to perpetuate the ‘I’m not enough/worthy’ self talk that has lived far too long in my head and heart. Having two girls, ages 12 and 16 has really made this issue come to the forefront. I want them to see and know that their wellbeing is just as important and worthwhile as anyone else’s. Delivery makes a difference, and if it doesn’t go over well and the person walks away, that tells all.

      Thank you, Gina, for your sharing about yourself. I appreciate it very much. 💜

      With people with whom I have no relationship, I don’t often say anything.

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      • Sorry Angela, I really knocked out last night after commenting and saw your reply just now as I awake again. Mondays are tough! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, especially when you say you are a mother and role model to two precious girls, I felt that connection. I have 2 girls too and I want to show them the same, sadly I have always be unable to really vocalise my feelings and often get bruised by callous people. I take courage and some learning from you today. “Showing up for myself” -those were my words of courage, I never did that, and I think it’s never too late for me to start. Being silent about being hurt allows the other person control over me and I get overwhelmed with my need to be consoled and yet at the same time unable to say how I truly feel for I may hurt them back. I appreciate you writing and sharing the deepest parts of your soul with me and others who read this. It’s such remarkable self awareness.

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        • No worries, Gina! I have NO expectations regarding responses or times! I’m in Ohio, so I replied while you were sleeping.

          I understand! I’ve been able to vocalize my feelings but I didn’t always do it in a way that was productive. I was passive aggressive or even manipulative, or I just internalized sometimes. I feared looking weak and needy. I feared rejection and abandonment. Those are so powerful!

          Thank you, Gina. No, it’s never too late, and life is a journey of growth! That how I see to anyway. I’ve always got something to learn. I appreciate your writing and sharing the very same. Hope your Monday is awesome! 💜

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          • So we are cool on that! Me too! I know time differences can play havoc. I loved sharing and listening to you Angela! I never want to feel that too, weak or needy, I am a strong woman and proud of my inner strength and stability but I get hurt when I love too much or too deeply, knowing my weakness I try to be more rational in my relationships.

            Its almost 7 am on a Tuesday morning here in Malaysia, I have been up since 4 am writing and reflecting. Your words have added to a really good morning! Have a lovely evening in Ohio!

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