Hard to Love

she’s hard to love

she pushes for more and more
and pulls on your heartstrings

she expects you to be your best self
and tells you when she thinks you’re not

she believes that you can
and justifies her actions when she pushes

she whines when she’s exhausted or doesn’t get her way
and wallows in self pity when she shouldn’t

she rationalizes when she doesn’t want to see
and pleads for help when she’s capable but afraid

she over-thinks the hell out of everything
and craves structure in order to fly

she fears, which causes her trust to falter
and she crumbles under the weight of it

she doubts when she has no reason
and needs reassurance far too often

she needs you like she needs air to breathe
and fears one day you won’t be there

she’s all angles and edges and rough spots
a leaky glass that may never fill

she’s hard to love

-image via Pixabay