He Is

he is the tells me I’m beautiful man
the always is truthful man
the humor makes me feel youthful man
and his exuberance is contagious

he is the helps you fix your flat man
the tells me I look sexy in a hat man
the puts up with my brat man
and his compassion is inspiring

he is the leads by doing man
the eyes are my cueing man
the ideas are always brewing man
and his wisdom is humbling

he is the sheds a tear man
the holds my hand when I’m near man
the makes mistakes without fear man
and his strength is inspiring

he is the listens and hears me man
the promises are never empty man
the inside his arms is safety man
and he’s worthy of all I am

he is the helps me see clearly man
the gives love sincerely man
the walks tall and cavalierly man
and he’s my home