early love is sheer excitement,
moon glow and summer sun, 
quickened beats and rosy cheeks,
a flower bud awaiting,
it’s all possibility

it is beautiful –
for all growth must begin somewhere,
and luckily, anyone can love like that,  anyone can sow a seed 

but, a love of decades is a garden,
it’s soil that’s been repeatedly tilled,  
weeded and fertilized

it has weathered rumbling thunder
and weeping rain,
battled scorching sun and dreary drought,
patienty awaited the passing of clouds that threatened to block the light

it is blissful swaying in the midnight breeze, 
faces upturned, basking in the warmth of something bigger than ourselves,
it’s glorious drops of hopeful dew

it’s years of boring one another, 
the magical surprising of one another,
and the knowing there is one person on this earth whose love is unquestionable

it’s hurting and forgiving one another,
seeing our absolute worst, 
and helping to bring out our best selves

a long time love is a blanket of perennials, 
fed with blood, sweat, and tears, 
it’s perseverance 

it’s not fair to call it just love – 
for it deserves its own name

but, my heart has found it’s ineffable 

-image via Pixabay