She Can Imagine

She could still see him standing there in the doorway, paused. Struggling to keep quiet, the tears escaped, despite her best efforts to contain them. Biting her pillow, she muffled as much of the crying sound as possible. Oh god, more than anything she wanted him to turn around and come to her. To scoop her in his arms and tell her everything would be okay. She wanted to feel safe. She wanted to hear it and believe it.

Yet, there was also this part of her that didn’t even want him to acknowledge she was crying. Who didn’t want his sympathy. Who didn’t need his help. That same part of her who wanted him, but might never be able to admit how much she needed him. To breathe.

Hunched over the pillow cradled in her arms, she sat with her legs crossed, her back against the headboard, watching him through blurry eyes. Needing him, but that other part of her willing him to walk away. To save himself the ache.

“You are my life. My love. Why won’t you let me in?,” he asked as he turned to face her.

But he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know there’s nothing there. It’s a swirling mess of darkness and ugly. It’s cold in there. No one who has ever seen any part of it has wanted to stay. No one.

“I’m trying,” she said, desperately hoping he’d believe her.

As he stood there looking at her, she saw the pain in his eyes. Those eyes that told her he’s all in. Hell, his behavior over the past decade had proven he’s the most trustworthy person she’s ever known. Which makes it all the more risky to really let him in. There’s more to lose.

And she can imagine losing it.

-photo found on Pinterest, source unknown 

10 thoughts on “She Can Imagine

    • Yes, that is so true! Fear can be so powerful. One must be willing to dive in and face/embrace that self that doesn’t feel worthy. Thank you, Victoria. I always appreciate your words.


  1. Well written. difficult spot to be in. i think the thing, is to love, not even in spite of the possibility of being hurt, but directly because you will get your heart broken. and yet we shy away from pain… have you red Daring Greatly by Brene Brown?

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    • Thank you. This was written a few years ago, a reflection of years before, after beginning a journey of self healing and further exercising vulnerability, in a very raw and exposing way, like never before. I think so too. I’ve always dared to dive in, but I know I’ve reached the place in this scenario many times. However, it’s generally when I see that the other person isn’t necessarily diving too, or I fear they won’t. It’s a knee jerk reaction for me, that fear of abandonment, or it has been in my history. I don’t really let it stop me, though. I can’t. I’m meant to love.

      I have! It’s a fantastic book! I love her. Im reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton at the moment. It’s amazing as well. I’m about halfway through The Gifts of Imperfection as well. Wow does that one punch you in the gut. I’m always inspired by these women.


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