yes, I can hear you
but I can’t let you in
I’ve gotten so lost
in these webs that I spin

I open my mouth
but no sound comes out
I can’t find my voice
my throat is all drought

my heart is the opposite
it’s pumping too much
overflowing and clouding
everything that I touch

emotions so large
they threaten to break me
I want and I need
but I fear you will flee

so, don’t come too close
you’ll get stuck in here, too
I’ll pull and then push
until you’re black and you’re blue

…unless, by some chance
you really wish to stay…
the key is all yours
I have so much to say

Created in response to the Daily Post, Voice


15 thoughts on “Stay

  1. Wow. This is such a beautiful and powerful poem. It weaves its way into my own heart, while also making me long to reach out to the speaker. Wonderfully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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