Left Behind

you helped me to pick up the pieces,
to begin to mend and to hope,
your love gathering momentum,
tessellating itself around my heart,
creating something for which I’d only
ever dreamt 

you let me count on you,
believe in you,
need you 

and then you spoke those words,
ominous, dark clouds wafting  toward me,
filling all the space between forced breaths

those words I’ll never forget,
but watching your back as you walked away,
that’s when my breathing stopped,
that’s when I shattered into a million pieces of stained glass, 
becoming only the lead shell you left behind

I gave you everything,
and you left me frail,
nothing of who I once was

who we could have been,

-created for the daily prompt (tapping into feelings, not created in the wake of any current happening), image credit theodysseyonline.com


10 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. The turning point makes one swallow. A beautiful piece describing what many of us have experienced.For those of us who are lucky enough, someone comes along to reassemble our shattered hearts. Great write!


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