please forgive me, for I have sinned,
it’s been so long since my last confession

on my knees, I poured out my heart,
but only left with more questions

the penance you gave, brought me no absolution,
I counted and prayed, slid the beads trough my fingers

yet the weight on my shoulders, just felt much heavier,
each step so wobbly, with a guilt that still lingers

what do you want from me?
haven’t I paid?

I walk with compassion,
on this ground that you paved

I give of my core, hope for each soul I encounter,
my heart is so open, it often gets crushed

and why, oh why, does it seem,
that my own voice is always hushed?

can you hear me?
do you care?

Oh, God – what if the one not listening,
is the me who’s too scared?

-image credit fineart-photos via Tumblr


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