Her Love

her love is overwhelming,
terrifying, even

she knows things, people,
feels them to her marrow

her love wraps around them,
folding upon itself within her,
taking up so much space inside,
she sometimes feel as though
she needs to hide from it,
that life and love ask
far too much of her

sometimes, the love is so tight inside,
she isn’t sure she can endure it,
so she tries to find a way to escape it,
just for a while

but the things she needs
to do for herslelf,
in order to rest her heart and mind,
hurt the people she loves

her survival sometimes means
hurting the people she loves,
not because she doesn’t love them

but because she loves them too much

-artwork, Spirit of the Heart, by Susie Addicks


42 thoughts on “Her Love

    • Ahhh, I can definitely relate to that feeling. But I will say that I’ve come to understand that the only way to thrive is to love oneself, unconditionally, to find love within, and not solely depend on outside sources for worth and love. To become love itself! Then it never dies or fades, there is always love to give. That’s not always easy, but my soul and spirit tell me it’s the only way.

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  1. Only a woman can love that way, once I wrote a quote ” A man loves till the time he can take but a woman loves till the time she can give ” ~ Sherry

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  2. Oh My! This is beautiful. I wrote once along similar lines: her love is so overwhelming and terrifying that if she contains it, it will burn her and if she doesn’t, it will consume her lover.
    Something like that.

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  3. I can relate to your struggle. By your words I’d be willing to guess that you’re an empath. It’s wonderful being able to love so easily, but it can also take a lot out of a person.

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    • You too? I definitely communicate my feelings and needs more openly these days, which is very helpful. I have high expectations of myself and my love, and I’m working on that too, as well as having healthy boundaries that benefit everyone. It’s tough sometimes!

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      • This is very tough, and I find all of this extremely difficult to manage. I think this is why I find myself often keeping my distance from people. It’s hard when you feel their pain as if it’s your own.

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        • I understand. I find that being open and vulnerable has its benefits, in that I can be come from a place of truth and honesty without shame (mostly), but not everyone wants that and it is definitely draining after a while! Even with my closest family. I need quiet, reflective time to process and allow myself to recharge.

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        • Well spellcheck let me mess that up! lol

          I also meant to say that I have always needed to keep my circle small for that very reason you described. I feel them, everything about them and give my all in those relationships. I can only do that with a few. Otherwise I feel like I’ll implode!

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