‘Do you believe?’, you ask, 
because I don’t worship inside man made walls

Well, I’ll tell you this:

I found

I found paradise in a little taupe house on a corner,
felt the radiating warmth of its promise snuggled beneath homemade quilts made of old khaki pants,
saw it in the orange speckles of hope in eyes that made real things for which I’d only ever hoped

I found holy land in an ornery smile and two mismatched legs,
in arms which never let go, no matter how hard I pushed 

we built our own sanctuary,
worshipping our own way,
turning needless guilt and regret into fire between gray cottony sheets and sacrificing ourselves to one another

I found belonging in two sets of tiny eyes looking up at us, looking to us,
in bouncy blond curls and baby teeth and skinned knees that needed kisses

I found community in genuine smiles and borrowed eggs and butter,
in snow blown driveways,
in last minute cook outs, carrying Tupperware from house to house

I found connectedness in eyes full of light, 
in doors being held, 
bags being carried, anonymous gestures of kindness,
in paying it forward

I found LOVE

So don’t ask me if I believe in something bigger than myself,
of course I do

Heaven is everywhere I look

-image credit; shared as part of the dVerse Poet Pub’s community prompt


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